Your paved driveway might end up SKYROCKETING your water bill! An article in the Telegraph (Homes with paved driveways could face higher water bills ( has recently revealed that the Government’s infrastructure advisors have discussed the possibility of increasing the water bills of homes with impermeable driveways. This is because a huge number of UK homes, with over 600,000 homes in England, being considered at a high risk of flooding, and this number is rising due to the increase in popularity of paved driveways. Charges by water companies have already been used on commercial properties with impermeable surfaces, so it may not be too long before we see such rules being enforced on residential homes! Paved driveways are an issue as the surface does not allow for the rainwater to drain into the surface, thus leading to a build-up of water that our storm systems simply cannot handle. There has been some severe flooding in our local area of South Wales in recent years, such as the heavy floods in Mountain Ash which you can read about here; Floods submerge roads and cut off hospital access in Mountain Ash – Wales Online. At SRS UK we offer a more cost-effective alternative to paved and tarmacked driveways with our state-of-the-art resin bound solutions. Resin driveways are more customisable, more durable and, for many, much nicer on the eye! Not only that, but should the government decide to raise the water bills of homes with impermeable driveways you could save yourself a fortune because resin driveways are permeable!

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